Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the current challenges in primary healthcare?

Currently most of the treatment is very generic level and very rarely performed according to patient’s individual needs. It leads to slow functional recovery, decreased productivity and increased expenditure.

How Bene Power solutions could help public economy?

Musculoskeletal conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are the leading cause of disability and require medical attention. In Finland alone, annual direct and indirect costs for medical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders are about € 2,5 billion – around 8% of the gross domestic product. Currently healthcare sector is suffering productivity issues and increased expenditures, while burden of musculoskeletal conditions expected to escalate in the next 10-20 years due to the aging population, and sedentary lifestyles. Solutions such Bene Power offers could dramatically decrease expenditures in medical care and increase care chain effectiveness.

What would be the most effective way to recover my functional ability?

Rapid recovery would be performed systematically and individually fine-tuned program with isokinetic exercise providing variable resistance and allowing safe and effective muscular movement.

How can we increase our primary care effectiveness?

A vast majority of healthcare surveys indisputably recognize that certain key methods should be used in order to increase productivity and effectiveness of healthcare services. Primarily these methods include increased access to and use of evidence-based preventive services and secondarily most effective rehabilitation methods with rapid recovery of patient’s functional ability.

How much can we save in costs by implementing StartPress device in care units?

According to Official Statistics of Finland an effect of lower limb musculoskeletal diseases (i.e. degenerative diseases, arthritis etc.) medical care expenditure both in specialized and primarily care in 2011 was altogether € 396 million. Offering systematic isokinetic exercises with StartPress in treatment period could decrease care time by one day per patient, which will effectively decrease treatment expenditures about € 90 million per year altogether. 

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What are the benefits of isokinetic training?

When using an isokinetic machine, exercisers can experience the speed of certain sports activities that involve vigorous physical movement. Neuromuscular balance is also improved, which promotes recruitment of more muscle types due to altering the ratio of muscle utilization. Another benefit of isokinetic exercises is the fact that it is done on a system, such as StartPress, that can be adjusted to reduce injury risks. Frequently and systematically used in physical rehabilitation, isokinetic systems offer a safe and effective way for post-surgery individuals to rebuild and strengthen the body.

How can you ensure safe and rapid recovery at the same time?

Isokinetic loading involves a fixed speed with variable resistance which accommodates to the muscle’s ability to generate force. It is characterized by constant velocity at a pre-selected rate. Because the device resistance varies to match the exact torque/force applied throughout the range of motion the patient always meets an appropriate amount of resistance. The exercise can be more effective than other type of exercises, because muscle group can be loaded to its maximum capability and performance throughout its entire range of motion.

What other advantages have isokinetic exercise?

It allows for velocity spectrum training which enables to train the muscles neurophysiologically with minimal muscle soreness. It is also reliable and objective to have permanent exercise records. By controlling the speed of movement, testing and exercise conditions can be reproduced and validated with other test results.

What are the disadvantages of isokinetic exercises

The disadvantages in currently available products in the market (including isokinetic training option) are the size and the costs of the system limiting purchasing only to clinicians as opposed to the general public. Current systems are also time consuming and obscure to use when exercising more than one joint, therefore very often lack of personnel trained in optimal usage. 

On the contrary to previously mentioned, Bene Power offers solutions which are mobile, affordable and easy to use by any clinics in general public.

Where can I have isokinetic training?

You can consult your doctor and ask where the nearest treatment with StartPress device is available or contact us directly. It would be our pleasure to help you!