We offer solutions for safe and rapid recovery of patient’s functional ability in musculoskeletal rehabilitation enabling cost-effectiveness and increasing productivity in primary care profiting both patient and health care provider.

Individual customization and versatile programs allows system usage according to user needs and perform safe rehabilitation either in their primary care unit or individually in patient home.

Our e-learning solutions and professional expertise in exercise physiology will help to perform successful rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation and Training of Muscular Strength

Leg press for measuring and training the lower limbs in the closed kinetic chain.

StartPress device is developed for professional rehabilitation were safe and rapid recovery is preferred. In isokinetic training the device constantly monitors the exertion of the user and thereofre resistance can be altered to keep a constant contraction on the muscles without risk of overtraining or injury. The device can perform isokinetics combined with isometric and isotonic contractions. This kind of training allows for maximal strength improvements.

Product features

Safe and reliable assessment of muscular strength.

Dynamic load durability.


Affordable pricing.

Minimum work space required (0.56 X 2.10 m).

Message from the Orthopedic Specialist

"An increasing focus of the requirements on productivity and effectiveness are great challenges to both private and public healthcare services. The quantity of healthcare services required is expected to increase considerably in the next few decades. On the other hand the demand of high quality healthcare services is growing because of increasing life expectancy and increasing numbers of degenerative diseases especially musculoskeletal diseases. We need systematic approach and effective solutions in order to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Considering both customer and business requirements as a high quality healthcare service provider we fully rely on Bene Power solutions."

Urho Väätäinen, MD, PhD
Itäsuomen Lääkäritalo Ltd. - IteLasaretti, Kuopio


Message from the Physiatrist in Clinical and Rehabilitation Medicine

"Healthy neuromuscular system is an integral part of human locomotor system. Proper training is required to keep it ideally functional. The objective evaluation of the results of training and rehabilitation cannot be successful without appropriate measuring device of muscular strength. Those devices must be able measure different types of muscular work. Today most of the devices commercially available are able to measure only one type of muscle work. Often the size of the devices limits their mobility thus decreasing their availability for those needing for proper rehabilitation.

Bene Power Startpress is a novel and versatile device for both measuring and training of muscular strength. Startpress enables isokinetic, isometric and isoinertial muscle work enabling comprehensive, safe and accurate measurement and training. It is particularly designed for assessing and follow-up of the rehabilitation of patients with lower limb problems, for instance osteoarthritis of knee and hip. Bene Power solutions are widely applicable in health centers and hospitals as well as in rehabilitation centers and care units. Measuring and training with these devices is beneficial for recreational exercisers as well. The forthcoming solutions will apply for trunk and upper limb rehabilitation as well."

Jari Arokoski, MD, D.Med.Sc., Physiatrist

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