We offer solutions for safe and rapid recovery of patient’s functional ability in musculoskeletal rehabilitation enabling cost-effectiveness and increasing productivity in primary care profiting both patient and health care provider.

Individual customization and versatile programs allows system usage according to user needs and perform safe rehabilitation either in their primary care unit or individually in patient home.

Our e-learning solutions and professional expertise in exercise physiology will help to perform successful rehabilitation.


Mobile Homecare Solutions

Safe and reliable exercises at home!

Homecare solutions are developed for individual rehabilitation were small space requirements and safety have been taken account. Quick start and easy to use functions allows you to perform effective and versatile exercises in your own home. The devices can perform isokinetics combined with isometric and isotonic contractions. This kind of training allows for maximal strength improvements with highly effective results.


Product features

Safe and reliable assessment of muscular strenght.

Programmable for personal usage.


Affordable pricing.

Minimum work space required (45 cm X 35 cm).


Message from the care provider

"The big challenge will be upcoming large scale changes in primary care and elderly care services in particular, as well as the services of the cooperative activities of elderly people, because a significant part of the Health Centres bed patients services will move to the housing and home care. Therefore responsibility for their own health improvement and maintenance will be more clearly the elderly people themselves and the families involved. This basically means that service and production structures, care chains and care service concepts must be able to reform in order to better respond the demand of increasing home care."



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