Our Team

Kari Ojanen, M.Sc. (Tech.)
Chairman of the Board

Kari Ojanen joined in Bene Power from the beginning and he is one of the main owners of the company. He has over 30 years’ experience both public organizations as well as private companies with health and safety issues including quality audit and safety management. Ojanen participates also actively in the company’s product development. Ojanen holds a Master's degree in Technology from the University of Oulu.

Contact details:
E-mail: forename.surname@benepower.fi
Phone: +358 50 378 8108
Hannu Litmanen, MD
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The main idea behind Bene Power solutions is based on Hannu Litmanen's 25 years' experience in exercise physiology. He also is one of the co-founders and majority owner of the company. Prior to Bene Power he has been working several assignments in private healthcare industry including as a consulting physician in rehabilitation centers, as an author in several health education text books as well as a team physician of Finnish Olympic team in Winter Olympic Games. Litmanen is a specialist physician and holds a Medical Doctor degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine from the University of Eastern Finland.

Contact details:
E-mail: forename.surname@benepower.fi
Phone: +358 40 582 1958

Pentti Bruun, M.Sc.(Eng.), ABM (Approved Board Member)

Pentti Bruun is a board professional and a business angel. He has an extensive experience in acting as an advisor for growth companies and an investor for international growth with roles in operational management as well as a member or a chairman of the board in over 30 companies. Prior to joining Bene Power as an owner, he worked as a business management consultant, venture capitalist, investment banker in enterprise and funding arrangements. Bruun is also an active sportsman with karate as his main sport.

Contact details:
E-mail: forename.surname@benepower.fi
Phone: +358 400 768 836

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